004_Ext_3650Emergency Services

Life throws unexpected things at us every day. Deciding where to go for emergency care should not be one of them.  Fredonia Regional’s Emergency Department can help you and your loved ones in any emergency. Our staff is prepared, trained and ready to get you or your loved ones the right amount of care in the right amount of time.

As part of our expansion process, the Emergency Department at FRH provides patients with:

  • New rooms & equipment
  • Staff experienced in rural trauma and accidents such as snake or spider bites and farm or industrial accidents
  • Advanced certified staff in multiple areas to provide the highest standard of care during major events such as cardiac, strokes, or respiratory diseases
  • Community involved voluntary staff
  • Several minor procedures & treatments such as antibiotic therapy, casting, laceration repair, wound care and many others

In a major trauma or minor emergency, let FRH Emergency Department help you or your loved one spend less time hurting and more time healing!

Kim Buttler, RN, ER/OR/Outpatient Therapy Manager

Phone: 620.378.2121 ext. 348

Email: kbuttler@frh1.org