Outpatient Treatment and Therapy

Nurses, ER and same-day outpatient treatment staff work with your physician to provide access to outpatient IV therapy or other same-day procedures that are convenient for you and your care. Not only are patients able to be scheduled in the evening hours but physicians can also request certain days for treatments to be completed making the schedule more flexible for patient recovery.

The newly updated outpatient treatment room was designed to accommodate an effective workflow for the physicians and staff as well as meet the needs of our patients who require long term IV treatment or outpatient therapy.

Along with outpatient IV treatments; FRH has same day surgery, Orthopedic Clinic, Cardiology Clinics, Urology Clinic and so many more specialty services available right here in Fredonia without the hassle of traveling to a large city.

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Consult your physician for times and treatment options.

Kim Buttler, RN, Outpatient Treatment Manager,

Phone: 620.378.2121, extension: 348

Email: kbuttler@frh1.org