Senior Behavioral Health Unit (SBHU)


Licensed Psychiatrist

Dr. Kenneth Williams, MD

Staff Physician

Dr. Tonya Hill, MD

The 9-bed skilled nursing unit provides medical and nursing care for elderly individuals who require close monitoring and evaluation for behavioral health issues such as dementia, Alzheimer’s or pose as a temporary risk to themselves. The nurses, aides and physicians work hard at improving the mental stability of these residents through daily activities, group programs and individualized treatments.

Time during the residents stay in The Sanctuary allows family members or loved ones to decide a long-term goal for the resident and the best possible quality of life path that meets their individual needs. Family members or loved ones work with qualified Geri-Psychiatric staff to discuss safety, health or environment situations that could hinder or become conducive to the residents long-term quality of life.

Director of Geri-Psych Unit: Kellene Walker, RN