H.I.M. (Health Information Management)

Health Information Management departments have been known as Medical Records for many years. The meaning is the same but with the evolution of technology the responsibilities are growing.

Record Check Out

A patient has the right to receive a copy of his or her medical records, exams or other information pertaining to their visit(s) at Fredonia Regional Hospital. The Health Information Management department would be more than happy to assist you with this request.

In order to receive any record you will need to present a photo ID. If you are not the patient, you will have to receive permission to do so prior to the release of records from our facility. You will also be asked to sign an Authorization for Release of Health Information form that states patient name, exams sent, cost paid (if applicable) and a few other patient/exam related questions. This practice is for the sole purpose to protect our patients’ privacy. Charges may apply.



Amber Sexton, HIM Manager, Privacy Officer

Phone: 620.378-2121 extension: 273

Email: asexton@frh1.org