Interventional radiology, also known as vascular and interventional radiology (VIR) provides minimal invasive image diagnosis and treatment.

Our radiologist are highly trained to use image-guided technology to treat patients non-surgically. This provides alternative methods to open surgery, reduce overall risk, reduce pain and recovery times.

Interventional radiology treatments offer lower risk procedures with less pain and shorter recovery times compared to traditional surgical procedures.  Conditions that once required surgery can now often be treated non-surgically through Interventional Radiology.  

Kansas Imaging Consultants (KIC), are interventional radiologist board-certified physicians who specialize in minimally invasive and targeted procedures.   Fredonia Regional Hospital is a proud partner in offering the most in-dept knowledge and least invasive procedures available coupled with diagnostic and clinical experience across all modalities.  Using X-rays, CT and other imaging technologies to diagnose disease processes in the body, KIC's physicians help treat patients at the source of the disease non-surgically. 

Procedures availabe include: CT and Ultrasound guided biopsies, Port a Cath Insertion, PICC Line Insertion, Drain Placements, Kyphoplasty, Pain Management Injections, Myelograms, Lumbar Puncture and Arthrograms.  

Fredonia Regional is the only facility in our service area that offers Interventional Radiology procedures.


Dr. David Gutschenritter, MD

Leading Interpreting Radiologist



For more information call Fredonia Regional Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Department at 620-378-6209. 




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